"Relaxing" - The most difficult thing to do?

Most of us think that "relaxing" is not an easy thing to do. Specially when we finally get some deserved free time, usually it just doesn't seem to happen easily.

Looking more into detail at how this works could help us to understand ourselves a little bit better.

So let's look at it from what the researchers have discovered:
We are sending orders to our subconscious about all kind of things, constantly doing and focusing on the outside. Our minds are programmed in this way to achieve objectives and reach deadlines, leaving no space for the simple action of "doing nothing". Like going on a holiday, we make big plans for enjoyment and rest, and somehow we end up working hard trying to achieve the precious relaxation. But sometimes we get back with little actual rest in our bodies.

There is constant train of thoughts running the show even when you are eating, sleeping or watching TV. Thoughts about what you have to do next can arise in your mind, even without you being aware that there is a choice to stop and relax at any time. If one gets deprived of all responsibilities, obligations and activities, still the inertia of the mind could make it very difficult to take the time to stop and do nothing for a while.

But then, how we can welcome relaxation and rest in our lives, anyway ?
We could say that turning off our busy minds, the natural state that remains, always silent and peaceful, that is what it means to be "relaxed". Now there is no such a thing as turning off our minds.. right?! ... the very idea to turn it off could create more thoughts and noise inside, the mind trying to do something to the mind itself. So in the same way if we stir up a glass of water with dirt, we will not see trough and just by holding it still, the water becomes clear, as the dirt settles at the bottom. The mind gets quiet and settles down, as we become more peaceful and silent inside. This is what meditation is all about.

Takes time to break the old patterns, of running around and feeling without time. One way is to create new healthy patterns to get different results.

Here are some advises from us to start getting the benefits of relaxing:

  • Set time aside to get a massage once a month, and spend time at a relaxing Spa.
  • At least for half an hour every day, leave all the distractions (like phone) and go for a walk.
  • Practice once a week some body work to relax the body
    • Meditation
    • Tai Chi
    • Yoga
    • Qigong
    • Breathing

Your body responds to the way you think, and the accumulation of thoughts create an emotional response, that eventually affects our bodies. So our bodies are always trying to tell us if something is not right. Some common warning signs for example: back pains, burn out tiredness, insomnia, general aches, blood pressure, weight problems.. etc.

The more we know ourselves the easiest it gets to be in a relaxed inner space.
So take a different action today, and start walking towards a healthier and happier way of living.

What our guests are saying

Mari-Ann Amundsen

Herlig og avslappende. Men savnet å fylle ut skjema i forkant med helseinfo. Men alt i alt en deilig opplevelse.

Therese Steinsrud

Det var en veldig deilig avslapningsmassasje med ok «trykk» som var tilpasset kroppen min. God og rolig atmosfære og massøresn var tillitsvekkende og dyktig. Sum: En utrolig god opplevelse!

Olga Tvedt

Fantastisk massasje! Jeg har tatt massasje en del ganger før, ulike steder, men dette var noe av det beste jeg har oplevd/erfart.

Martha S.Nordby

Deilig og avslappende stund. Nøt både massasje og mat. Vil gjerne anbefale til andre.

Marte Alme

Nydelig massasje.Anbefales!

Geir Haugli

Veldig god massasje. Behagelig, og passe hardt/mykt.

Lars Llyh

Deilig massasje og avspenning på Sundvolden Spa. Perfekt behandling etter en lang arbeidsdag.

Kamilla-Beate Gunhildstad

It was just fantastic to go to Sundvolden Spa ! I took a guided meditation and in two days I really learned to listen to my body ! Amazing


En nydelig atmosfære, god og avslappende. Massasjen var bare helt fantastisk å starte dagen med. Tusen Takk !


Avslappende og behagelig fra du kommer inn til du går ut. Kommer igjen for å oppnå indre og ytre ro i en fantastisk atmosfære.

Eirin Vilikt

Jeg hadde en svært god behandling i dag med saltskrubb og massasje. Behandleren var veldig dyktig og behagelig. Høy faglig kvalitet.

Tanzi Meekin

What a wonderful massage. One of the best and most relaxing I have had in years. I feel so calm.
Thank you, I will be back.

Kristen Knutesen

Very good and relaxing..
The staff is very confortable.

Ellen Friis

Nydelig massasje, godt og litt hardt og masserte på de riktige stedere.
Tusen Takk

Lise K. Castberg

Deilig massasje 50 min gikk fort.
Tydelig at massøren hadde gjordt dette før. Dyktig!. Anbefaler det videre.
Deilig også ikke å snakke eller føre en samtale.