Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga to calm the body and mind, and release tension. Here we have deep stretches that work well into the body and provide a beautifully relaxing effect. Yin Yoga is a practice of letting go and spending time. It is not performance-based, but rather a practice that allows time and space to work at the body's own pace. The poses are passive, and one remains in each pose for 3 - 5 minutes. The class is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Morning Yoga

A fresh and good way to activate the body. We stretch, breathe, and find a flow through sun salutations and other beneficial exercises. The sun salutations can be adjusted so that everyone can participate, as long as they don't have any injuries. The session effectively awakens the body and mind, providing consistent and positive energy throughout the day.

Yoga Against Stress

Here, techniques are used to completely relax and provide the body with good recovery and restoration. Techniques from MediYoga and HathaYoga are used, and the session includes both relaxation, breathing, and exercises. This class is wonderful for releasing stiff backs and necks. Suitable for everyone.

Depth relaxation

Give yourself a good break on all levels - physically, mentally, and energetically. In such relaxation, you lie with your eyes closed and are guided into deep rest. Yoga Nidra, as it's called, translates to deep sleep and provides a solid and quick, yet deep pause. Perfect as a short intermission, a pause in the "to-do list" where you can gather yourself and emerge again with more calmness and clarity. Suitable for everyone.

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